8.1 Box Hair Color – Palette

Hi! if you read my 10 ways to Welcome September post then you know that Having my hair pampered and renewed was coming up soon.

My basic hair goals this time was to remove any yellow tones that developed over the summer time and cut away any split and damaged ends.

I decided to do this at home and used store bought boxed color. I chose Palette 8.1 Intensive Color Cream and used two boxes for my hair length. Note: if your hair is any longer then mine in the bellow photo then you will defiantly need a 3rd box.

This was super easy to apply and I just followed the instructions as on the leaflet inside the box. After about 30 min I rinsed and dried to see the result and here it is…

After changing the color that i was super happy with! 🙂 It is not a night to day difference, but it made my hair all more uniform from root to ends and did remove a lot of the yellow. I will probably use this color again!

I decided to do some snipping too. Obviously not on my own, but with the help of my hubby who knows what he is doing!

From the look on my son’s face, you can tell he approves 🙂