Photo by Miguel Bruna

What We Wear…

When we wear certain items it can make us feel a certain way. Sometimes dressing up will give us confidence and putting on an item that was chosen for you by someone who cares about you will make you feel special and loved.

What I am getting at is that clothes, accessories and jewelry have more meaning then we realize. What we put on our skin becomes an extension of our body and ultimately affects the way we feel physically and emotionally. Wearing clothes and jewels that are beautiful, comfortable and represent who you are can grant many benefits to your life.

Have you ever worn the wrong shirt and it has made you miserable all day long? You know, the one which material feels like plastic and paper? The one that you always have to tug at to keep in place? The one which makes you sweat and then shows the sweat mark and embarrasses you? We have all had those moments as kids or as adults and they are not fun.

Taking time to figure out what you feel good in can in some ways change your life, because everything starts from the way we feel and knowing how to bring the best out of our personalities and the way the world sees us is an amazing journey which can be super fun too.

Pieces to choose, treasure, keep or gift!

Element of nature have always been present in human lives and no matter how high tech this world becomes we all come from nature and are affected by these elements if we realize it or not. But once we do realize that the earth carries energy and properties that we can benefit from then we are awoken to a grand arrange of ways that we can bring love, prosperity and positivity in to our lives.

Bring elements of nature in to your life and learn how to use them to benefit your needs and desires.

The little things that can make a big difference!

  • Wearable Crystals and Stones: How do they work? With energy and vibrations that have healing properties to help balance and calibrate your mind, body and soul. Through history and in ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and  Aztecs it has been found that incorporating heeling stones in jewelry and wearable items is a powerful tool to release mental, physical and spiritual blockage. When connecting the vibrations of a healing stone with the vibrations of your body it is able to change the frequency of our energy to regulate flow throughout your body. When chosen correctly you can link the properties of a gemstone to your needs and intentions to benefit and transform. Magnify your desires and evoke the right energy to gain what you most want such as wealth, balance and vitality, rest and relaxation, love and passion and the list goes on.
Photo by Franco Antonio Giovanella
  • Feng Shui Clothing: When you think Feng Shui you mind usually goes to home and space décor. But Feng Shui can be applied to your personal style too! When you align elements and properties with your personality traits you are able to increase your success and good-luck. Elements of Water, Earth, Wood, Metals and Fire can be incorporated in to your personal style and wardrobe with color, fabrics, gems and jewels all selected to optimize your personal potential and give you more then you imagined getting from an outfit.
Photo by BBH Singapore
  • Handmade: When something is created by hand from someone’s energy time and creativity, that piece will always carry the “mark” of the person who made it. As you leave a part of yourself printed on your handcrafted creation. This energy is easily identified by the way something makes you feel. If you are attracted to it, it means that that creation carries a certain benefit in its energy that you need or that identifies with you. This is why Handmade is the same as Art! The purpose of Art is to make you feel, to generate awareness and to gift you with the emotions that fill your heart with joy.