Make a Mandala – Art Therapy

When feeling Confused, Irritated or Stressed a good exercise to help Regain your Center of Body & Mind is to Draw a Mandala.

A Mandala which has the meaning of Circle, represents Wholeness and how everything is connected within the universe.

Circles are everywhere. The Sun & Moon, the Earth and the Circles we create on our own (circle of friends & family).

So allow your creative mind to run free while you make your Mandala. Start by drawing a simple circle. Then from the center outward fill it with what ever whats to be in your circle at the moment. Trust what wants to arise! Now imagine that the sides of the circle are holding whats inside.

Get lost in the process of filling your circle! It is within this process where your thought will flow from within you and in to your circle burdening you no more.

Tip: Don’t worry about creating a beautiful peace of art! This Exercise is to express inner thought, feelings or even unconscious struggles.